Using state-of-the-art technology to create the world’s safest and most reliable pet containment products

Peace of mind for you – yet safe and effective for your pet

From the very beginning, the Pet Stop brand has stood for superior technology designed solely to provide peace of mind to pet owners.  The tradition began in 1993 when Pet Stop introduced its revolutionary new brand of pet fencing, featuring truly unique and innovative patented technology never before used in the pet fencing industry (see Robert Slattery bio).  The legacy continued in 2002 when the founder of Invisible Fence, John Purtell, joined Pet Stop specifically because of its unique technology and his desire to continue to advance pet fencing to another level.  Finally, the tradition continues today, carried forward by a national network of Dealers, many of whom switched brands because, frankly, Pet Stop was the best product on the market for their most valuable asset – their customers.


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John Purtell – founder of Invisible Fence, Inc. and Entrepreneur-of-the-year finalist at Invisible Fence Company, Inc. Invisible Fence Company sustained a 108% annual growth rate for ten consecutive years under Purtell’s management.


Scott Touchton – Chief Engineer at Invisible Fence Company, Inc. and is listed as the inventor on many Invisible Fence Company patents.


Invisible Fence® Compatible Battery

Invisible Fence® Compatible Battery

The Invisible Fence Compatible battery is a patented battery for invisible Fence Computer Collars that significantly improves the original design.






Invisible Fence® Compatible - UltraMax Receiver

UltraMax Receiver Collar

Invisible Fence Compatible receivers are listed for sale on this website and offered as a moderately priced alternative to Invisible Fence Computer Collars.





Invisble Fence Compatible Probes

The Invisible Fence compatible rechargeable receiver is the first rechargeable receiver for Invisible Fence system owners and is sold on this site under the Invisible Fence Compatible tab.