Pet Stop Frequently Asked Questions

How is Pet Stop different?

As a result of the many US patents we hold, all our products are unique.  They incorporate many safety features not available from other companies.  That’s why so many dealers made the switch to our network.  They wanted the best and safest equipment on the market . . . and we had it.

What is the difference between AM and FM systems?

To be honest, there is little difference between the two, regardless of what propaganda some manufacturers publish.  Both are effective at preventing false activation.  Pet Stop uses an FCC-approved scheme called Digital Modulation – or DM – technology.  It’s the same technology used by commercial airline carries and all major airports to help safely land aircraft.

Will the correction hurt my pet?

GentleSteps™ approach will not hurt your pet. It is unique to Pet Stop and allows you to gradually step up the correction by gentle increments until your pet respects their boundaries.  This often results in the pet training on much lower levels of correction.  Although, the real advantage is that it is highly effective.

How is Pet Stop different from a self-installed system?

There are so many reasons to avoid self-installed products, but the main reason is training and service.  Pet fencing only works if the pet is properly trained.  Almost all problems and issues are training related.  That’s why you want a competent and experienced dealer to train your pet.

The other reason is service.  Invariably, at some point, you’ll need to service your system.  Whether it is an accidental wire break or a product that needs service, at some point you’ll need help.  Your local Pet Stop professional dealer has the knowledge and experience to correct issues quickly, yet competently.

Finally, there is the matter of quality.  Frankly, most self-installed products are designed to be inexpensive. Often you get what you pay for – components made in China and assembled by people who care less about your pet.   Pet Stop systems are made in the USA by people who love pets, just like you.

Is Pet Stop compatible with other systems?

Yes. Pet Stop is compatible with most other systems available on the market today, including Invisible Fence®.

How much does Pet Stop cost?

Ask your local Pet Stop Dealer.  They offer a full range of products and installation configurations that fit almost every budget.  Some dealers may even be able to quote you over the phone.  So, check with your local Pet Stop professional for complete information about what products are right for you and your pet.

My dog is stubborn. Does the system work on all breeds?

This is right down our alley.  While most pet fencing offers a limited range of solutions, only Pet Stop has the equipment to contain even the most stubborn pets.  More importantly, our professional dealers are experienced at handling a wide range of breeds and dispositions.  Often, they can craft and set up the product to ensure your stubborn pet gets the right settings from the onset.

Does Pet Stop work on cats?

You bet it does!  We’re proud to have one of the most effective systems on the market for cats, as well as dogs.

Once my pet is trained, can I take them outside the boundary?

The answer is yes.  Your local Pet stop professional dealer will show you how to train your pet to leave its boundaries when you want them to.

Do you offer indoor systems?

We do, and your local Pet Stop Dealer can familiarize you with the versatility of our indoor product offers.

Do you offer a remote trainer?

Our Universal Remote trainer is the perfect solution to correct problem behavior.  It is economic and works with not just our products, but other brands as well.