Pet Stop Replacement Batteries & Invisible Fence® Compatible Batteries

Pet Stop Replacement Batteries

Pet Stop® Replacement Batteries

Pet Stop® Replacement Batteries

Pet Stop replacement batteries are innovative, little marvels of technology that work flawlessly with the receiver collar. They’re ranked the highest on the market in durability and performance, and they are relatively inexpensive when evaluated next to batteries from companies such as Invisible Fence®, DogWatch®, PetSafe® and the rest.

Easy to Replace
Our batteries are also simple to replace; again, unlike many competing products, Pet Stop batteries are ‘do-it-yourself’ replacements: quick, easy, and hassle-free. Our batteries are available in two different sizes – one for our UltraElite Receiver® and the other for our UltraMax Receiver® receivers. These are just a few more contributions to the overall Pet Stop Advantage.

Battery Replacement Plan
The receiver’s battery duration depends on how often your dog or cat challenges their boundary, and it can last anywhere from three months to one year. The patented Flash Alert® feature will always remind you when your pet’s battery needs replacing, but if you would prefer to avoid the responsibility of remembering when to order replacement batteries, we can remember for you. Your dealer can set you up on a schedule that sends batteries to you on a regular basis. Most dealers have this program, but ask your local dealer if they offer a Pet Stop battery replacement plan.

Invisible Fence® Compatible

Invisible Fence® Compatible Battery

Invisible Fence® Compatible Battery

If you’re one of the millions of dog fence owners that think you’re your trapped with the high cost of maintenance and replacement parts, think again! Save up to 50% on replacement receivers, transmitters, batteries and more with Pet Stop. Replacement fencing parts from Pet Stop offer OEM quality components at a fraction of the original cost. Why pay more?

Pet Stop’s goal was to design aftermarket fencing components that can cover the needs of all dog lovers, regardless of pet fence brand, at a fair price. You can have complete confidence Pet Stop products are guaranteed to be equal to or better than the original. With the latest ultra-secure signal processing, patented designs, rugged waterproof construction and all designed and manufactured here in the U.S.A., Pet Stop’s commitment to your satisfaction and your pet’s safety speaks for itself.

Pet Stop Receivers are compatible with Invisible Fence®

If you’re unfortunate enough to lose or break your dog’s Invisible Fence® fencing collar, Pet Stop has replacement collars at a fraction of the cost of a new Invisible Fence® collar. For your complete peace of mind, Pet Stop has designed a replacement fencing collar with all the exclusive safety features that you would expect at twice the price. Also, your replacement collar will include Pet Stop’s exclusive Comfort Contacts® to cushion your pet’s neck with soft rubber. Pet professionals prefer Perimeter’s rubber Comfort Contacts to help avoid serious skin irritation and injury.

Unlike the Invisible Fence® brand collar, Pet Stop collar receivers are built in the USA by people that appreciate your dog as much as you do. Each receiver is manufactured to exacting specifications, are completely submergible in water and will provide years of worry-free service for your Invisible Fence system®.

Compare Perimeter Technologies with your current R21.

  • PATENTED Comfort Contacts® cushion your dog’s neck in soft rubber
  • PATENTED 3-Way, Omni-Directional antenna design eliminates the “holes” found in lesser pet fencing systemsWATERPROOF and submersible collar receiver design
  • PROGRESSIVE STIMULATION allows your dog to choose the fence level that is right for their personality
  • ULTRA-SMALL and light weight collar design is a mere 1.1 oz!
  • LONG LASTING replaceable lithium ion batteries
  • Limited Lifetime warranty
  • You save 40% – 60%!
  • 100% compatibility – guaranteed!

This replacement collar receiver is compatible with 700 Series Invisible Fence® systems only and will not work with 800 series or later, including new Titanium Series. The Perimeter collar is not compatible with Shields™ Indoor Avoidance transmitters.

ICT-700, ICT-725, ICT-750, ICT-775, ICT-150, ICT-250, ICT-100, ICT-75, ICT-50, AT-950 Indoor transmitter, CT-4000

We’re some of the same people that invented the original Power Cap® and knew that there was room for improvement over the original design. So, Pet Stop set out to eliminate mechanical failures and focused on improving the battery contact and more robust design for longer life. We unconditionally guarantee you’ll be delighted with the performance and price of your Pet Stop replacement batteries for your Invisible Fence® system or your money back!