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Outdoor Transmitters

Invisible Fence® Compatible - OT300 Outdoor Transmitter

OT-300 Outdoor Transmitter

Like our receivers, Pet Stop transmitters are on the cutting edge of technology. We made customization and ease of use our priority. We want to give you the simplest ways to make sure your electronic fence system is up and running. While we’ve designed our transmitter for easy use, we also packed it with valuable features. This FCC-approved transmitter produces our unique DM technology signal. It is also the programmer for all our receivers. As you will see, our transmitter is more than just a box on the wall.

Temperature Safe

All Pet Stop transmitters are designed to ensure the signal field will not change regardless of the temperature outdoors. This is an important feature incorporated in all Pet Stop transmitters that not all competitors offer; just another example of superior design working for you and your pet.

Invisible Fence® Compatible - OT200 Outdoor Transmitter

OT-200 Outdoor Transmitter

Digital Display

All Pet Stop transmitters feature an easy-to-read digital display that, when lit, lets you know your unit is working. More importantly, you’ll know exactly where your field is set. There is no guessing or calling a service rep. The digital display lets you know 24/7.


Our Outdoor Transmitter is fully compatible with our Indoor Transmitter and most competitor dog fence systems including Invisible Fence, Dog Guard, Dog Watch and Pet Safe.

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Indoor Pet Fence Transmitters

Indoor Dog Fence Transmitter - IT200

Roomwizard™ IT-200 Transmitter

Many people think of electronic dog fence systems as strictly an outdoor affair, but we have a solution when your pet is indoors, as well. Using our same highly customizable system, you can specify those places in your home that are free-range and those that need to be pet-free. Our indoor system is so accurate, that it can have zones as small as only a few feet. This keeps dogs and cats away from things like valuable pieces of furniture, while still allowing them access to a room.

Typical Indoor Uses

Try the Indoor Transmitter to keep your pet out of a room or away from a sofa. In the kitchen, it’s useful to prevent trash can robbery or grabbing that morsel from another pet’s bowl. When used under floor boards, it can prevent a pet from accessing a dangerous area or object. Regardless of the problem, the Indoor Transmitter presents a varied solution.


Our Indoor Transmitter is fully compatible with our Outdoor Transmitter and most competitor systems, including Invisible Fence, Dog Guard and Dog Watch.

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